You may have some ideas in mind for your staircase, but you can see even more options when you browse our gallery or take a look at our catalog. There are many staircase and railing designs, plus balusters, spindles and accessories that can help make your staircase unique.

We have items that will help you have a beautiful staircase that perfectly fits your décor. You may choose classic wooden stairs or go for something out of the ordinary, like glass. You might want to accent your curved stairs with a special kind of rail. No matter what look you want to accomplish, you can combine the items you want to make it happen.


A handrail does not have to be simple. There are lots of ways to dress up your staircase’s overall look, and one of those is through a decorative handrailing. We use various materials and designs, and you can get an idea of what we have to offer by looking in our catalog or taking a walk through our gallery.

Traditional Stairs

Traditional stairs provide that classic look to any home. These timeless stairs can be elegant and sometimes can also be classified as modern. Check out our pinterest gallery of traditional stair ideas.

Wooden Stairs

A wooden staircase does not have to be plain. With the many types of wood we employ, along with various finishes and stains, you can get the colour, grain and overall beauty you are looking for. You can get plenty of ideas from our catalog or while browsing through our gallery. You can then choose the railings and accessories that will go with your décor.

Modern Stairs

Thinking about modern stairs for your Ottawa home? Explore these modern staircases. We hope that these inspirational staircase designs and railings to help you to visualize what you would like in your home. Check out our pinterest gallery of modern stair ideas.

Spiral Stairs

When you want something a bit different from the classic straight staircase, you can opt for a spiral staircase. Take a look in our gallery or flip through our catalog, and you will find lots of ideas that can help you have the staircase you have envisioned, and maybe get some new ideas as well.

Floating Stairs

Floating staircases are an amazing design feature added to many homes. The treads are attached on one side, either to a wall or a stringer, and the opposite side they are unsupported, giving the appearance that they are ‘floating’ in space. Floating staircases frequently have wooden, glass or stone steps, but other materials are possible too. Check out our pinterest gallery of floating stair ideas.

Glass Stairs

When it comes to glass stairs, there are lots of options, including adding photos or a company logo to the steps. Railings that go with glass are plentiful, so you will definitely want to browse through our catalog or gallery in order to find the look that is right for you.