Spiral staircases are a classic element that can add sophistication to your home or construction project. A spiral staircase is the perfect way to accommodate a necessary space issue in your design, while embracing the style and tone you want to convey in your new home or construction project.

Space Saver

A spiral staircase takes up far less space than a traditional straight or curved staircase. This becomes a very important decision when dealing with a home with limited space. Adding a spiral staircase allows you to solve two problems at once, you can save space while also making a bold design statement.

Beautiful Craftsmanship

Ottawa Valley Handrailing can make your spiral staircase design come to fruition. Custom built spiral stairs with superb designs and careful attention to construction practices have set us apart as a premier custom spiral staircase manufacturer.

* Please note, this type of staircase does not adhere to the current Ontario Building Code.

Spiral Stairs

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